As an employee of Affectiva.

Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spinoff who creates products for measuring emotional data. I joined Affectiva as their third hire and sole designer directly after graduation, and I was tasked with the design and creation of their first product, "Q".

The Q hardware is a wrist worn sensor that records a user's electrodermal activity (changes with the users excitement). The sensor captures hundreds of data-points every second, and for researchers using Q, every point is important. The Q software enables researchers to scan through the millions of data-points recorded during a session, overlay them with other recordings for comparison, and annotate points and ranges of the data.

Designed Alongside Development

At Affectiva I worked directly with Q software and hardware engineers in all aspects of the product development. I worked closely with the software team to assure we were designing the best experience possible given the limitations of Adobe Air (our development platform). I stayed well informed of upcoming changes to Air to ensure the design was alway maximizing new capabilities.

I worked with the hardware team to define interactions in the Q sensor and to make sure that the software was unified with the hardware's fast changing feature set.